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DIY False Eyelashes + Metallic Eyeshadow

Long thick luscious lashes – it’s what everyone woman wants, right? Well if you haven’t considered it, you should! It makes a huge difference to your entire look and really makes your eyes pop in photos. Here is a step-by-step guide from Lori Nansi of Le Mariee’ on how to create a glam look that is subtle and not too over the top. Perfect for your engagement photos, rehearsal dinner, or even bachelorette party!

What You Will Need to create a Glam Metallic Eye

for the eyeshadow:
– Eyeshadow Primer (Urban Decay Potion Primer in regular or “sin” for a slight hint of bronze)
– Pigments (MAC brand in Lantern Light Campfire and Shifting Sands)
– Eyeliner (MAC Fluidline in Wholesome)

Step #1
Using your fingertip or a concealer brush apply a very small amount of eye shadow primer onto your lids.

Step #2 using your synthetic eyeshadow brush, dip the brush into water and dip into the color pigment of choice. Be sure to work around a bit on the back of your hand so as to get rid of any excess so it lays evenly on your lids.

Step #3 Pat and pack gently onto each eyelid until the entire area is covered.

Step#4 Using step #2 again, chose a darker shade pigment and pat into the crease of your lid (in a windshield wiper motion).

Step #5 Apply liner using desired liner choice.

Step #7 Apply mascara (at least 2 coats) or for a really big “pop” add false lashes!

for the false eyelashes: (as seen featured on Wedding Chicks)
Tweezers (your choice)
Lash Glue – We love Duo Adhesive from MAC. ( waterproof and acts like a surgical adhesive)
Trimmers – Regular nail scissors will work
Lashes! – Obviously there are thousands to choose from, Lori chose the Eylure Katy Perry Collection

Step #1 – Measure the lash strip against your eyelid – too long and it will a) look odd b) is more likely to
come away at the corners. make sure your cutting from the inner corner, not the ends. Trim your lashes to the desired length.

Step #2 – Apply your glue to the lash strip (and here’s the IMPORTANT bit) wait for it to go tacky before
applying to the lash line – between 15 and 20 seconds. That way it doesn’t slide around and sets
better, preventing your falsies from falling off.

Step #3 – Pick up your lash with the applicator or tweezers and starting from the outside corner apply to
the eyelid just above your natural lash line. Continue to follow the curve of your lid until you reach the inner corner, pressing the lash strip in

Step #4 – Using your fingers ensure the lash is fully adhered and press any non­dry areas until they are
fully set (again pay particular attention to the outer and inner corner areas). At this point you can apply eyeliner over the top of the adhered false strip if there are any gaps to
create a seamless finish.

Repeat on other eye.
Step #5 –  using your mascara wand gently brush your own lashes up into the falsies, this extra
step ensures they bind together and darken your own lashes , should yours be light. they also
take away any heavy feeling .

Note: if you have very straight eyelashes curl them prior to the application or after.

And voila~ a very gorgeous wearable metallic eye that is sure to turn heads! Just add some blush and a bright lip and you are good to go!

In need of a fabulous make-up artist for your wedding or special occasions? Check out Lori Nansi, she is amazing! Big thanks to Emily for being such a great model!!

  • April 17, 2013 - 4:23 pm

    Lori Nansi - I so enjoyed creating this look for our model Emily! Kate Triano is a JOY to work with, not to mention drop dead gorgeous..I MUST have her model for me and let someone else behind the camera one of these days wink 🙂

  • April 17, 2013 - 4:56 pm

    Michelle S Hanks - Love this! Those lashes are really nice! Might try them. Congrats on getting published.ReplyCancel

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